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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Braille Literacy Resource Kit

Braille Literacy Kit

I created this resource for the preschoolers who are currently at home learning with their families.  This preschool braille literacy package includes a coiled abc activity book, purple glue, a package of color-contrasting tactile bump dots, a publisher’s braille alphabet card, and a letter explaining the at-home activity. Each page of the book includes a large tactile alphabet letter made from bump dots, a braille letter, a letter in large print, and a print description of which dots comprise each letter. A sample page for the letter “s” includes a tactile star, some string, and a stick. 

Since the families don't know braille, the idea is that they can learn the dot configurations along with their children.  They can work together to identify items that begin with that letter and then glue them to that page.  For example, on the page below for the letter "y", they could glue a piece of yarn.

Sample page for the letter "y"

Families can help their child to find items in the home, garage, and yard to glue into the book. It’s a fun way for families to engage in learning braille and in helping their little ones learn letters and letter sounds, explore their environment, and develop concepts.

It’s a grand adventure! Have fun!

Materials from braille literacy kit

Collage of Braille Literacy Resource Kit

Posted on April 10, 2020
Updated on: April 11, 2020