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Braille Sentence Order

Sentence order strip
My beginning braille student is struggling with the elements of a sentence as he brailles them.  He needs reminders about when to capitalize a sentence and what punctuation to put at the end.  This strategy was designed to help him to be more independent with his work.


  • plastic sheet from a bendable binder 
  • flashcards made from APH's permabraille
  • Velcro


To help him remember the order of the elements of a sentence, I've made a reminder strip for him to review prior to his brailling of sentences.  There is a horizontal velcro strip and three cards with the words "punctuation", "capital", and "sentence" brailled on them.
Before each lesson, he reviews each of the word cards and places them in order on the Velcro strip.
Sentence strips with punctuation,  sentence, and capital   Brailled word cards on sentence strip
I am trying to help him to be more independent with decreased prompting.  Currently the person working on this with him (in gen ed or resource classes) reminds him that a sentence starts with a __________ and ends with a ___________.   When no prompting is given, he will either not capitalize or use ending punctuation or will reverse the two. The goal is for this to help him remember prior to brailling his sentences. We made this into an activity, as we have found that he learns best when his materials are interactive.


collage for sentence practice

Posted on October 31, 2016
Updated on: February 7, 2018