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Build-a-Word: a Word Game for Beginning Braille Students

piece of build a word layout
For my beginning braille students, I like to create word games so that those letters when put together have more meaning to them. If they've heard a word in the classroom, we can see what that word looks like in our braille lesson.
You can create a folder word chart and then the letter cards in print and braille. I add print to it so I can send the activity home or leave it in the classroom. Leaving it in the classroom helps the student become a part of the activity.
build-a-word layoutbuild-a-word layout
I also use this activity to learn about suffixes. It's also fun to have the word spelled out with the contraction beside it...or under it. I have two folder word charts. One contains the letters and the other is empty so that we can use it. I have the folder word charts double sided, so I we can flip it over and keep going without losing time to "clear it". 
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Posted by gillian703

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Posted by Liz Eagan Satter

Posted on September 22, 2014
Updated on: February 7, 2018

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Liz Eagan Satter commented on September 22, 2014

I take manila folders and cut them to fit in a binder for easy storage. Then I cut another one into the size I want for the "pocket". I glue the bottom of the "pocket" down (I've also used double sided tape). Once I have both front and back done, I use masking tape to bind the two pages together. I then use a paper punch to put it in a binder. You can purchase them from teacher supply stores, I'm just not willing to pay those prices.

On a side note, I typically use used manila folders that would normally go in the trash bin...or have here at the office and I've dug them out to use them. Hope this helps?

gillian703 commented on September 22, 2014

Hi eleagon,

Could you tell me how you created the folders?