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Chris Woodin Math Facts

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Chris Woodin, who teaches math at Landmark School, shares tips and strategies for teaching mathematics to students who have learning disabilities.  While the strategies are not specifically designed for students who are blind or visually impaired, many of the techniques can be adapted.  The emphasis is on teaching math through kinesthesia.  Topics included on the site are numeration; addition & subtraction; multiplication & division; fractions, decimals, percents; word problems; Algebra 1; and thematic units.  Many lessons include videos and downloadable documents to support the lesson.


Special Education

Posted by Amy Cassity

Math addition and subtraction facts

Posted by Jill DiNola

Posted on September 24, 2012
Updated on: March 28, 2018

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Charlotte Cushman commented on March 22, 2017

Hi Jill,

I'm not sure what kind of "stories" you have in mind for learning Math facts.  Are you talking about word problems?  

There are a number of accessible math apps available.  Here are a couple you may wish to try for a second grader who is working on basic math facts:


Jill DiNola commented on March 21, 2017

Do you have any stories that go along with learning Math facts for addition and subtraction for a smart, second grader who struggles with obtaining these facts. Do you have any Apps you recommend for families? Thanks, Jill

Amy Cassity commented on January 3, 2017

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