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Colorful Eggs: Tactile Book for Beginning Braille Readers

colorful eggs with braille

My student is 5 years old and a beginning braille reader. He loves simple sight word books that he can read a long with. I love adapting these books for him by making them tactual and in braille.  The student is also learning about colors and this is a great way to incorporate these concepts that he comes across in his everyday environment. With Easter coming up, I thought it would be a fun book for him to read and explore!



  • textured papers
  • yarns
  • objects
  • buttons, pompoms, and other tactile materials
  • glue
  • braille paper
  • braille writer


  • Each page says "A _________ egg." which allows you to add in as many as you like.

A pink eggBlue eggRed egg

  • I have an assortment of textured papers, yarns, and objects that I used to create each egg. I always keep everything on the egg of the color listed on the page.
  • The last page of the book is " A colorful egg." I used this as an opportunity to have my student contribute to the book by having him create his own textured egg that can be glued into the book. 


Colorful eggs


This is a very basic book with fun textures that I believe could be enjoyed by students with vision impairments and multiple disabilities. 

Colorful egg collage


Posted on March 21, 2016
Updated on: March 31, 2021