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Concept Cards: Rain

Here's the concept card for Rain. I just finished it while taking a break from writing lesson plans. I also included the page I used as my template for the raindrops. The raindrops are made out of  old transparencies. I found a small stack at one of my campuses that was being given away. Hot gluing the drops down does not work that well as the glue leaks out around the edges. Instead, I found the Xyron sticker maker a better adhesive. I also used a dab of paint on the 'clouds' as we all know rain clouds tend to be a bit darker.
rain concept card
I plan to discuss the size of rain drops (small, medium, large), amount of rain drops (few or many), etc. In looking at the labels I make for the posters, you'll notice they are all in uncontracted braille. My student in Kindergarten can't read contractions just it's spelled out. However, for a more advanced student, they could edit our work by identifying what should have been contracted.


concept cards: rain collage

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Posted on May 11, 2015
Updated on: February 7, 2018