Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Experience Story: Going to Low Vision Clinic

tools that are used during a low vision clinic appointment
I needed a way to help the youngest students (and their parents) prepare to come to low vision clinic. A story was born. This story offers a simple look at what to expect at the clinic visit. When the appointment is made I send the referring TVI or COMS a copy that they can read with the child. The book is then left with the family to read, hopefully multiple times before the appointment. 
Marjorie Rhodes, TVI
New Mexico School f/t Blind and Visually Impaired
Low Vision Clinic Consultant


  • There is a pocket attached in the front of the book to hold items for the child to match/ Velcro attach on appropriate pages.  
  • A pirate-style eye patch is also included.    


Here is a description of the pages that I included in the book.
Cover page: a picture of our outside sign, the first thing they’ll see when they get to clinic. 
a yellow tent sign with the vision clinic's logo on it and the title of the book We're Going to Visit the Low Vision Clinic
Page 1:  Today, we’re going to visit the Low Vision Clinic   (picture of sign to match) 
a page with text and an image of the tent sign for the vision clinic
Page 2:  There’s friendly Dr. M
Page 3:  …and a big room with many cool things!
a page with text and a picture of tools used in a vision clinic
Page 4:  Dr. M will look at my eyes.
a page with text and a picture of a young girl having her eyes examined
Page 5:  We’ll play games.  (I’ll be a pirate, YAAAAR!) (eye patch enclosed for child to wear)
a page with text and a picture of a young girl during an eye exam
Page 6:  She’ll use some special tools to see my eyes.
Page 7:  Just looking….There are NO eye-drops!
a page with text and an image of a female doctor looking in a young boy's eyes during an eye examination
Page 8:  I can see the shape pictures….
Page 9:   square, circle, apple, house (LEA symbol shapes to match)
Page 10:  I see the little girl! (Hiding Heidi face to match)
Page 11:  The big people will talk and ask questions.  
Page 12:  We’re all finished.  Goodbye, Dr. M!
Back cover: contact information

Collage of experience book about visit to low vision clinic

Posted on March 29, 2017
Updated on: February 7, 2018