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Holiday Gift Tags

Tactile Gift Tags
Each year I create Christmas gift tags for my son Liam.  I hand them out or mail them to friends and families in advance, so that they can place them on their gifts for Liam.  A lot of friends & family don’t have access to a brailler (or know how to use braille), but still want to make sure that Liam’s gifts are personalized in a way that is meaningful to him.  These gift tags allow them to do that!  

Reasons I Make Christmas Gift Tags for my Son:

  • Involves family and friends
  • Part of creating a braille-rich environment for Liam
  • Provides my son with practice recognizing his name in braille
  • My son will enjoy locating the tag on his gifts and feeling them.


  • Braille paper (preferably with a sticky back so that they can easily be ‘stuck’ to the presents)
  • A brailler
  • Tactile Christmas stickers 


You could add who the gifts are from in braille as well.

liam opening his christmas gifttactile gift cards


Collage of tactile gift tags

Posted on November 28, 2014
Updated on: December 21, 2020