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How to Create a Tactile Love Book

Pages from the love book

Kimberly Schildbach shares her ideas of how to make a tactile love bookIn an earlier post Kimberly wrote about her preparations to adopt a child with visual impairment.  In this post she describes how to create a tactile book to welcome her future daughter into their family.


  • small binder
  • plastic photo inserts
  • scrapbooking supplies


Teddy bear on photo book

  • Write simple messages or sentences on each page.
  • Illustrate with one or two photos.
  • Add tactile features, such as scrapbook embellishments or other interesting bits of fabric, foam, etc.






  • Add print and braille
  • If the child has not had much tactile experience, add real objects or partial objects.



Working with my 4year old whomever is deaf and blind

Posted by Judy tuhn

Posted on May 19, 2013
Updated on: February 7, 2018

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