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Insta-Snow Writing Activity

A hand touching the insta-snow

I saw the Insta-Snow package on the clearance rack at Staples for $2. I thought why not?


The Importance of Experiences to the Writing Process

This was the BEST activity I've had with this student in regards to his writing that we've EVER done! I have been stressing the need for experiences to help him with the writing process, as well as with his reading comprehension. He had so much fun making it and playing in it that there was a groan when I asked him to take a break so we could write about the experience while it was still fresh in his mind.  This was the MOST writing WITHOUT prompting that we have gotten out of this 3rd grader. 

Insta-snow braille writing sample




It has water and powder.  It grows.  You can't eat it but you can touch it.  If you eat the insta-snow than it will make you sick.  The insta-snow is slippery and it's not a toy (...) don't ingest!





Insta-snow package  Insta-snow directions

The cool thing is the Insta-Snow will last up to a month if kept in a Ziploc bag. The tube of powder was barely touched, so we can make more in the future or send home for family to have an experience with him. The Insta-Snow can be put in the freezer so to give the student more of an experience of  how cold snow can be. 


Collage of insta-snow

Posted on February 20, 2018
Updated on: February 21, 2018