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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Literary Numbers Activity

Literary braille numbers

I came up with this activity to help my student learn numbers in literary braille, using a format similar to what the other children in the classroom are doing.


  • Cardboard or card stock
  • Graphic art tape
  • Velcro
  • Blank Cards (APH 1-03540-00)
  • Counters


  1. Create cards with literary braille numbers.
  2. For younger students, place tactile lines between numbers.
  3. Place counters in a bowl or shallow container (in this case foam squares, although any type of counter can be used).

Ask the student to read the braille number on the card and place the corresponding number of counters on the line to the right of the card.


  • Literary number matched with number word
  • Nemeth number matched with number word
  • Simple math sentence matched to the number shown (help to reinforce learning the Nemeth symbols)

Practice with Literary Braille Numbers


Common Core and Braille Standards

Kindergarten - Word Analysis, Fluency, and Systematic Vocabulary Development : 

K.1.6a Understand that the number sign changes the letters a through j to numbers.
K.1.6b Recognize the braille number sign and the digits 1–9 and 0.
Posted on February 1, 2014
Updated on: February 7, 2018