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Math Game: Rounding (Nemeth and Place Value)

bunny cards, game board, and carrots

The object of this spring-themed board game is to practice rounding numbers in a fun and motivating way.  Each player needs to get 3 C's to earn a prize or complete board (prize).  The prize is free time; it's free!! 

Sample problem on bunny card:

  • Round 2,047 to the nearest ten.  (Ask the student to show on the abacus, then answer on abacus.)


  • Die (braille)
  • Labeled game board (see above) from BOP (Building on Patterns) Grade 2 or similar (I like the way it folds and will fit in a gallon ziplock bag.)
  • Carrots (Dollar Tree candy item) 8 for $1 
  • Abacus/brailler/paper (to show work)
  • Bunny cards (These were handmade by a previous teacher on my team.  She found the image and used a swell machine.)
  • Peel and Stick Nemeth numbers (1-3) and letter stickers for board from APH to label board

Game board with spaces labeled with the letter "c" and numbers 1, 2, 3


  • Roll the die.
  • Move spaces that are on the die.
  • Solve the number of bunny problems that are one the game space that is landed on or collect a carrot if you land on a C space.
  • Game ends when 3 C's are collected or student completes board.  A prize is earned.

Sample Bunny card with "nearest tens 6,005" in print and braille


  • Change problems to meet student needs.
  • Use large print instead of braille, if needed.
  • Instead of abacus, have student write/braille out problem (could even have matching "carrot" card answers).
  • Other "carrots" could be substituted. 

Collage of math game: Rounding (Nemeth and Place Value)

Posted on April 5, 2021
Updated on: February 25, 2022