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Race Track Braille

car on braille race track
Race Track Braille serves many purposes.  The track can be used to aid a student to learn to track from left to right by pushing the car along the track. Or perhaps finding which braille symbol does not match the others? Currently the student I am using this with is learning letters, but contractions/numbers/punctuation can later be added.  Or perhaps use the tracks to work on spelling words?  The possibilities are endless!
They are easy to make.  Just hot glue the track down to some heavy plastic that is cut into strips just a bit bigger than the track itself.  I used Permabraille sheets from APH as these sheets are sturdier than the braille paper.  However, you could laminate card stock and then braille the symbols you want to use on the now laminated card stock.  I brailled 4 of each symbol.  The last things needed are velcro, toy car, and a storage bag or container.
race track with braille letters "w r w w"braille letters "r o t"
race track collage





Posted by Liamsmom

Posted on April 9, 2015
Updated on: February 7, 2018

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Liamsmom commented on April 11, 2015

Fun idea!  Thanks for sharing.  I will have to try this with my son sometime:)