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Roll a Jack-O-Lantern: Braille Halloween Game

Roll-a-Jack-o-Lantern game

“Roll a Jack-O-Lantern” is a fun tactile Halloween game for braille users!

I love this game because it can be played by players who are sighted, low vision, or blind. It can also be modified to be more complex by including 2 dice that players must add to collect 11 items (roll #s 2-12) for their Jack-O-Lantern. I look forward to creating a winter version of this!


  • Orange, black, and brown foam sheets
  • Sticky magnetic, Velcro sheets, or tape
  • Magnetic board, Velcro-stickable sheet/board, or a thick piece of cardboard
  • Braille paper and Braillewriter
  • 1 braille die


Directions for Jack-O-Lantern parts (make 1 set per player; my picture example shows 3 sets for 3 players):

  1. For each set, cut out 1 orange pumpkin shape, 1 brown stem, 1 black mouth, 1 black nose, and 2 black eyes
  2. Adhere the magnets, Velcro, or tape to the pieces
  3. Arrange the types of pieces in a way that the players can easily find them, using trays, bowls, or in the corners of the board as I have shown in the photo.
  4. Braille the instructions as follows:

Instructions to play “Roll a Jack O Lantern”:

Objective: players take turns rolling the die until the first person has collected all parts needed to create a Jack-O-Lantern. They are the winner!

If you roll a ...

1: pumpkin (or body)

2: stem

3: eye

4: eye

5: nose

6: mouth


Collage of Roll-a-Jack-o-Lantern game

Posted on October 30, 2020
Updated on: October 30, 2020