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Tactile Eclipse Board

Eclipse bulletin board

Kudos to my daughter, Samantha Bamber, for the awesome tactile eclipse board in my Braille room at school!

Board displays painted foam disks of various sizes representing the sun, moon, and earth. Leather cording shows the criss-cross path of the sun and the shadow of the moon on the earth. For fun, she added a space shuttle eraser orbiting the earth. 

Below are 5 tactile suns and moons showing the stages of the eclipse with a total eclipse in the center. 

The header reads "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with the school's logo inside the heart. 

At the bottom is the quote by Brian Littrell "Shoot for the moon. Even is you miss you'll land among the stars."

The "magic wand" on the right is a sun and a moon secured on sticks and connected with a brad fastener to simulate the eclipse.

Magic wand for eclipse

Eclipse bulletin board


Eclipse tactile bulletin board collage


total eclipse

Posted by demo_pdelfrari

Posted on August 14, 2017
Updated on: February 7, 2018

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demo_pdelfrari commented on August 14, 2017

Very enjoyable, a subject for all ages.

My seventh grader studied our solar system this year.  We attempted to understand the true size proportion of sun to earth to planets and the spans between them.  Not easy to do as "...the sun is the size of your head, and the Earth is the size of the pupil of your eye." and it takes  "a thousand yards" to show our solar systmem with the Earth the size of a peppercorn as Pluto must then be a thousand yards from the sun.

   Every bit of knowledge we brings to these comprehension tasks help so cheers to the illustrations and the inclusiion of both partial and full lunar eclipses in a design that echos the movment of these celestrial neighbors.