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Texture Match Game

texture match circles
My student in Kindergarten needs games to play with his sighted peers. The matching games are quite popular with his class. I learned this through observations, talking with his peers, and talking with his teacher. I have a list of games that they like to play and am currently working on creating some so that my student can play with his peers using games that they like.
This was made from plastic math counters and APH's Textured Paper Collection as well as a couple of other textures I had available. The double sided adhesive that comes in the pack makes creating this very easy. However, you can also use a Xyron (sticker maker) on the paper. Thicker pages (like foam) won't work in the Xyron.
I made 10 matches for my student to start off with. I will add more if I see that there is a need for more. Currently my student is working on 9 textures. One of his classmates wanted an "odd one" to be the chip that has the winner of the game deciding how many and which textures to use the next game.
This makes a great prebraille activity that can be done in a fun way in the classroom with my student's peers or can be sent home to be a game to be played at home. This makes the skill less like a task and more of a game. Fun is good...or so I was told by my student!
texture match circlestexture match circles

texture match collage



Posted on February 11, 2015
Updated on: February 7, 2018