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Tracking Activities for Pre-Braille Learners

Tactile tracking pages
The following resources were made at our regular network meeting for sensory specialists from northwest authorities (UK). We gather together every 3 months to share ideas, ask advice and solve problems. For this session we made a range of resources, using tactile materials. There are some great tracking activities for pre-braillists using Wikki Stix, pasta and beads, matching games, tactile picture ideas and lots more. We had lots of fun making them, it got very competitive!


  • A range of collage materials, Wikki Stix, pasta
  • Card
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Tactile materials to promote tracking skills    Tracking activities using tactile materials


A variety of tactile materials can be glued to index cards or braille papers to work on skills such as:

  • tactile matching
  • tracking left to right
  • patterns
  • identifying same and different
  • basic concepts (long/short, thick/thin, above/below, etc.)

Collage of tactile materials for pre-braille students


The Learning Pillows

Posted by Jane K Kronheim

Learning Pillows

Posted by Charlotte Cushman

Posted on December 26, 2016
Updated on: February 7, 2018

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Charlotte Cushman commented on January 4, 2017

Yes!  I remember those, Jane, and we all loved them.  I'll be in touch with you via email.

Thank you for reminding us about them!

Best wishes,


Jane K Kronheim commented on January 4, 2017

Many years ago I developed multi sensory pre braille and pre reading images and attachments on felt pillows.I used a wonderful product called Slik Pen and Puffy Pen etc. to create the raised lines, dots and other simple shapes etc. Children as young as 2 were eager to "check out" these pillows with their eyes and fingers and listen for the sounds of Velcro, jingle bells and more. IF anyone is interested in the Learning Pillows and all of the stories that go along with them, feel free to contact me: