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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Tracking Reading Homework

A boy reads his braille calendar on the wall.

My son Liam (deafblind, mainstream 3rd grade) has reading homework from school.  He is required to read 100 minutes a week and record what he reads on the calendar.  This month he is also participating in a braille reading contest through our state's Braille and Talking Book program where he needs to read 20 minutes a night.  The calendars to record his reading are in print.  

Original calendar in print


Adapting the Reading Tracking Calendar for a Tactile Reader

I was easily able to braille a simple calendar for February by brailling the numbers 1-28.  

Braille reading calendar  Tactile stickers from APH

Each day that Liam reads his required minutes he gets to choose from a collection of tactile stickers to add to his calendar (we received these stickers from the contest but they can also be found on the APH website  or they have many fun tactile stickers at the dollar store or Hobby Lobby for a cheaper option).  This is a simple, fun and accessible way for Liam to keep track of his own reading.  Now let's just hope we can reach our goal for February!  smiley

Happy Reading!


Liam successfully completed his reading log for February!

Liam's reading log with tactile stickers  Liam holding his reading log  Liam looking at his calendar

He asked me to make him a new one for this month, but I think I will have HIM make it this time.  smiley

Collage of tracking reading

Posted on March 1, 2018
Updated on: March 1, 2018