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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Visit to Low Vision Doctor

low vision doctor
An amazing teacher I work with created a book and wrote a song to go with it. The student will be going to her first low vision visit. To help prepare her, the teacher created a wonderful little story and song. As we read the story, there are motions we do for each of the pages.
The story was created using MS PowerPoint. Once printed, the images on the pages were made tactile to aid the young student in participating in the story time. The student is a prebraille student. The song is sung during free time as well. The book will go along with the student to her low vision doctor's appointment to help facilitate the student's comfort level at the appointment.

Low Vision Doctor's Appointment Book

"Karen goes to see Dr. Miller" K pointing at 2 bandaids formed into a cross Front Cover of Book
"Today, I'm going to see Dr. Miller" with two bandaids forming a cross Page 1
'I will take a long drive to Austin' with a drawing of a steering wheel Page 2 - move hands like you're driving
"Dr. Miller will come out and greet me, 'Hi, Karen. Welcome to my office.'" Page 3 - wave hand to say hello
"First, Dr. Miller will take me to the room and introduce me to the 'Kissing machine.' The 'Kissing machine' will blow air in my face." Page 4 - blow air into her face
"Next, Dr. Miller will flash a red and green light in my eyes." with two piece of paper one red and one green Page 5 - use phone light to flash light into her face using the red / green papers
"Then, Dr. Miller will move a light from the back of my head to my face." with a drawing of an arrow Page 6 - use a finger to trace a line from the back of her head to her eyes
"I'm all done. I will say, 'Thank you, Dr. Miller.'" Page 7 - sign language 'finished' and 'thank you'
"Now, I will walk to the front and check out. Time to go home." with a check mark and an arrow pointing at a drawing of a house Page 8

"Karen Goes to See Dr. Miller" Song


low vision doctor collage


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Posted on June 4, 2015
Updated on: February 7, 2018