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Writing a Thank You Letter

Student drawing a thank you note
Frequently the professionals I work with do not hear a thanks or a positive word from others. They typically hear complaints, with a list of what is needed or something they must do.
Our journal activity for today was to write a letter to the Orientation and Mobility instructor. This student also chose to add a photo to the journal activity to help her organize her thoughts.  The O&M will receive the letter tomorrow. The student wants to write more letters, as she remembered the O&M had once said he never receives anything from the students. She knows, "This will just make him smile!"
Thank you note in print and braille
Figure 1:  Braille letter reads:
"Dear Mr. Frank,
I want to thank you for being the best O and M instructor ever!  I love it when you come to visit me every Friday!
Your student,
Drawing of O & M instructor
Figure 2:  Crayon drawing of a girl handing a letter to a man with a hat, with handwritten note saying:  "Sorry I'm not very good at drawing you."
Teaching to give back or pay it forward only takes a few moments, but the lesson will last a life time!

Thank you collage

Posted on April 10, 2016
Updated on: February 7, 2018