Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired


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Below are strategies for all content areas.

Braille Literacy Games collage

Braille Literacy Games

By Belinda Fayard
Activities and games to promote braille literacy with students who are blind or visually impaired.
green leaves with braille letters spelling out g-r-e-e-n

Tactile Color Words Book

By Liz Eagan
This post addresses the question of how to teach children who are blind about colors using tactile illustrations and braille words.
growth of baby girl and chihuahua

Sensory Areas: Growth and Change

By gwyn52
This theme-based multisensory activity helps children who are blind or visually impaired to develop skills in all areas, including literacy, numeracy, tactile, visual, and auditory skills.
duplo house

Sensory Areas: Homes

By gwyn52
These ideas for multi-sensory activities help children with visual impairments to develop literacy and numeracy skills, as well as visual, auditory, and tactile awareness.
sunscreen, sunglasses, and a straw hat

Making Inferences

By wpatrone
Activity ideas to teach students with visual impairments to make inferences
Sentence structure

Sentence Structure

By wpatrone
ELA lesson aligned with CCSS making sentence structure accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired.
talking typer

Talking Typer Tracking Forms

By Liz Eagan
Tracking forms to go along with the Talking Typer to document progress with students who are visually impaired.
Braille schedule collage

Braille Schedule

By Liz Eagan
Braille schedules help students with visual impairments to anticipate what will happen next.
sight search example

Braille Sightword Search

By Liz Eagan
This activity helps braille readers to practice new words and contractions.
Sentences with prepositional phrases

Learning Prepositional Phrases through O&M

By wpatrone
This activity for students with visual impairments incorporates writing and the use of prepositional phrases
braille tracking sheet

Braille Tracking Sheet

By Liz Eagan
Create a braille tracking sheet to strengthen tracking skills of braille readers.
actors on stage, one is juggling

How Can We Read So Literature Comes Alive?

By Rona Shaw
Lesson requires acting out part of Macbeth, focusing on making it accessible to students who are visually impaired
Toothbrush painting example

Electric Toothbrush Painting

By mdesany
A vibrating toothbrush provides sensory input for children with multiple disabilities before performing fine motor tasks, such as drawing or writing.
Gingerbread man activity collage

Gingerbread Man Sensory Activity

By mdesany
This sensory activity helps students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities to develop independence.
braille wordsearch

Braille Word Search Puzzles

By Liz Eagan
Braille word search puzzles are a great way to reinforce word recognition and practice braille literacy skills!
boxes with handles and two letters on each

Initial Letter Sounds, Braille Contractions, and Numbers Drawers

By gwyn52
This hands-on activity provides practice matching braille letters, contractions, and numbers to real objects
sensory rainstick

Sensory Rainstick for Children with Multiple Disabilities

By mdesany
This is a simple activity to reinforce "cause and effect" and to engage children with multiple disabilities in a meaningful sensory experience.
Caterpillar Activity Strategy

Caterpillar Activity

By gwyn52
This activity is designed to reinforce an understanding of initial letter sounds in young readers with visual impairments.
student spraying into a bowl full of rice crispies and toys

Snap, Crackle and Pop Sensory Bin

By mdesany
This sensory activity is designed by an OT to help children with visual impairments or multiple disabilities to explore a variety of textures and develop their senses.
Mother's Day Collage

Mother's Day Activity

By Liz Eagan
These writing activities are a great way for students who are blind or visually impaired to honor Mother's Day!