Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired


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Below are strategies for all content areas.

Photo of picture book with sponge and rubber duck as part of story box

Beginning Story Box: Little Rabbit's Bedtime

By kimberlyd415
This storybox presents simple familiar objects to illustrate the story of Little Rabbit's Bedtime.
Page of language experience story about watering the plant

Experience Book About Planting Seeds

By kimberlyd415
This experience story about planting seeds uses pictures, text in braille and print, and other tactile materials to share the story and sequence events.
Colored stars on black background

Beginning Books for Children with CVI

By Beth Allen
Create books for children with cortical visual impairment (CVI) using simple materials with limited complexity.

Tactile Quilts That Tell a Story

By Rocky@Perkins
There are many ways to tell a story and in this example students who are blind or visually impaired tell stories on tactile quilts.
Image of tactile calendar

Individualized Adapted Calendars

By Charlotte Cushman
Ideas for setting up individual calendars for students with visual impairments and additional disabilities
Addition problem using tactile counting aids

Counting in Tactile Journals

By Rocky@Perkins
Create tactile books or journals to work on counting and other early learning concepts with young children who are blind or visually impaired.
Cover of tactile journal

Tactile Journals

By Rocky@Perkins
Tactile journals support writing about experiences for students who are blind, visually impaired, or deafblind, including those with multiple disabilities.

All About Me!

By Charlotte Cushman
Create an "All About Me" book using objects, textures, tactile symbols, print and braille for children with visual impairments & multiple disabities
Photo of two boys in a lesson with a male teacher

Chris Woodin Math Facts

By Charlotte Cushman
Tips for teaching math to students who have learning disabilities
logo for Tech Vision

Teaching Braille Reading Fluency.....Virtually

By Charlotte Cushman
People often wonder if it's possible to teach braille virtually and this video demonstrates how it can be done.
lands beyond collage

Lands Beyond

By Becky Hoffman
This game is an adaptation of Candyland, based on The Phantom Tollbooth, for students who are blind or visually impaired.
photo of the divided wheel and spinner arrow, with close-ups of print/braille

Wheel of Fortune Game

By RJSitten
This game gives students practice reading braille words. It could easily be adapted to an inclusive setting.
Items starting with the letter "b"

Alpha Boxes

By GayleFl
Fun hands-on activity for beginning braille readers to begin to pair initial letter sounds with the braille alphabet
Image of panda bear and turtle with books

Object Symbols for Choice Making

By GayleFl
In this activity, real objects are paired with object symbols to build an understanding of symbolic representation.
Photo of a veltex board with small stuffed animals and letter cards attached.

Using Objects to Reinforce Consonant Sounds

By Mary McCarthy
Activity to use objects to reinforce consonant sounds with beginning braille readers
Logo for Braille Rap Song

Braille Rap Song

By Charlotte Cushman
Help braille students remember dot configurations with this fun Braille Rap Song!
Page from accessible power point book about making macaroni and cheese.

Let's Make Macaroni and Cheese

By Holly Cooper
This accessible powerpoint book offers step-by-step instructions to make macaroni and cheese; includes audio output and can be operated by a simple switch.
Modified page of The Garden with tactile flowers

Using Textures to Adapt Simple Books

By Mary McCarthy
Guidelines to adapt simple books for children who are blind or visually impaired
Weather chart in print and braille

Weather Chart

By Mary McCarthy
This braille weather chart gives students practice with sequencing and comparison, as well as developing an understanding of the weather.
Cover of Tactile Treasures from APH

Understanding Tactile Graphics: Tactile Treasures and Real Objects

By Mary McCarthy
Teaching students who are blind or visually impaired to make the transition from real objects to tactile graphics using the APH Tactile Treasures kit