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Color graphic of experiment

Relating Braille Reading Difficulties to Developmental Dyslexia: First Empirical Evidence

This study aims to find out whether the correlational and causal pattern between temporal processing, speech perception, phonological processing and reading is the same both in print & braille readers
A teenage boy sits at a computer.

How Speech-Feedback and Word-Prediction Software Can Help Students Write

Case study is described that examines the experience of a 7th grader with learning disabilities in written expression and his use of word prediction and speech feedback software during journal writing
A teenage boy uses a Braille Note.

Instruction of Keyboarding Skills: A Whole Language Approach to Teaching Functional Literacy Skills to Students who are Blind and Have Additional Disabilities

This article describes an unconventional method to teach uncontracted braille reading and writing skills to students who are blind and have additional disabilities.