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Shadow Puppet icon

Using the Shadow Puppet Free App to Create Student Portfolios

Ideas on how to use the free app Shadow Puppet as a tool for students who are blind or visually impaired to create their own slideshow and stories
Collage of best apps

The 7 Best Apps to Help People with Visual Impairments Recognize Objects

An adult with a visual impairment shares his recommendation for the best apps to help people who are blind or with low vision to recognize objects. Includes suggestions for both iOS and Android.
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4 to 24 Free App Designed to Build Skills for Future Success and Employment

The 4 to 24 Free App from The National Research & Training Center on Blindness & Low Vision is designed to build skills for future success as an adult, including employment and independent living skills.
braille display

Braille Displays for iOS

Information about braille displays for iOS devices, including iPad, iTouch, and iPhone, as well as an overview of accessibility for users who are blind or visually impaired.
"go" with red bubbling

Using the Motionleap App to Animate Salient Features

Add movement to salient features of words using the Motionleap app. This can be a helpful strategy for students with CVI.
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The CViConnect Professional Edition is designed to allow a student’s educational team to work collaboratively in order to provide a consistent approach at school and home.
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Louie Voice Control: Free Android App to Control your Apps with Just Voice Commands

Louie Voice Control is a free Android app to control your other apps with just voice commands.
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Ballyland Magic Plus

The Ballyland Magic Plus app is designed for children who are blind or visually impaired to learn and practice touch gestures for VoiceOver, Apple's screen reader.
Assistive Technology devices, including braille note taker

Assistive Technology Vendor Support List

This contact list includes information about which assistive technology vendors offer support.
Girl holding smartphone

Android Apps for Users with Visual Impairment

Joy of Android shares recommendations of Android apps for users with visual impairments.
homeBOUND For Adventure logo

homeBOUND FOR ADVENTURE: Podcast to Promote O & M Skills Remotely

This interactive podcast is designed to help kids who are blind or visually impaired to increase their Orientation & Mobility (O&M) skills during the COVID-19 school closure.
Screenshot of Virtual training and access using Zoom Platform using keyboard commands

Virtual Training and Access Using Zoom Platform with Keyboard Commands

Virtual training and access using Zoom Platform using keyboard commands for students who are blind or visually impaired using distance learning or remote instruction
Screenshot of braillenote touch

Using Google Classroom on a Braillenote Touch

Find out how to access assignments on Google Classroom using a Braillenote Touch
BrailleNote Zoom collage

Connecting to a BrailleNote Touch Plus via Zoom Meeting

Step-by-step instructions to connect to a BrailleNote Touch Plus via Zoom Meeting
Panopreter logo

Panopreter Text-to-Speech Software

Panopreter Text-to-Speech Software
Teacher's computer is the source that connects to the classroom projector and student's tablet.

VNC Connect for Mirroring Direct to Student Tablet

Step-by-step instructions showing how to set up VNC Connect so that students with visual impairment can access on their tablets content that is being projected in the classroom.
Icon for Ballyland Magico

Ballyland Mágico: Spanish Version of App

Ballyland Magico is a Spanish app that is designed to help children who are blind or visually impaired learn and practice a number of touch gestures for VoiceOver on an iPhone or iPad (iOS device).
UEB Prep icon

UEB Prep App

UEB Prep is a a free app designed to teach Unified English Braille (UEB) to people who are sighted.
Demonstration of pinch device

Teaching Pinch Gesture for iPad

Wondering how to teach a pinch gesture on the iPad? Try this 3D printed device which reveals photos to surprise and motivate students with low vision.
Title slide of TechTalk1

Chromebook Basics for Students with Low Vision

Chromebook Basics for Students with Low Vision provides a comprehensive introduction to getting started with Chromebooks with students who have a visual impairment, including accessibility features and settings and tips for students with low vision.