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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Accessible Crossword Puzzle App

Crossword from APH

Constructed with universal design concepts, this Crossword Puzzle app from APH (American Printing House for the Blind) provides a platform on which to solve crossword puzzles for all.  The puzzles are fully accessible and can be navigated with a screen reader or VoiceOver.

The existing list of puzzles corresponds to academic content for 5th-12th grade, in US and World History, Science, Social Studies, Literature, Math, The Arts, and more. The dropdown list includes the following puzzles:

  • 5th Grade Time
  • 5th Grade Baby Animals (I and II)
  • 5th Grade Geometric Shapes
  • 5th Grade State Capitals (I and II)
  • 5th Grade U.S. Presidents
  • 5th Grade Women in History
  • 5th Grade World Languages (I and II)
  • 6th Grade Animal Life Cycles
  • 6th Grade World Holidays
  • 6th Grade Dance
  • 6th Grade Marine Life
  • 6th Grade Musical Instruments
  • 6th Grade Landmarks and Monuments
  • 6th Grade Pilgrims
  • 6th Grade Units of Measurement
  • 6th Grade World Currency
  • 7th Grade Classic Children's Novels
  • 7th Grade The Declaration of Independence
  • 7th Grade Earth Day
  • 7th Grade Earthquakes
  • 7th Grade Music
  • 7th Grade Explorers
  • 7th Grade Nutrition
  • 7th Grade Physical Fitness
  • 7th Grade Volcanoes
  • 8th Grade The Theater
  • 8th Grade 20th Century Inventions
  • 8th Grade Endangered Species
  • 8th Grade Titanic
  • 8th Grade The Great Depression
  • 8th Grade Health
  • 8th Grade The Human Body
  • 8th Grade The Middle Ages
  • 8th Grade The Renaissance
  • 8th Grade Solar System
  • 8th Grade What are you afraid of?
  • 9th Grade Algebra
  • 9th Grade Baby Animals (I and II)
  • 9th Grade Geometric Shapes
  • 9th Grade Grammar
  • 9th Grade Literary Terms
  • 9th Grade Literary Characters
  • 9th Grade Mythology
  • 9th Grade The Revolutionary War
  • 9th Grade U.S. Presidents
  • 10th Grade Civil War
  • 10th Grade Geometry
  • 10th Grade Cooking
  • 10th Grade Space Exploration
  • 10th Grade Sports Heroes
  • 10th Grade The Stock Market
  • 10th Grade Teen Health
  • 10th Grade Social Media
  • 10th Grade Time
  • 10th Grade Women Novelists and Writers
  • 11th Grade 1960s
  • 11th Grade American Writers
  • 11th Grade The 1950s
  • 11th Grade Ancient Greek Theater
  • 11th Grade Famous Couples
  • 11th Grade Civil Rights Movement
  • 11th Grade World Currency
  • 11th Grade World Languages (I and II)
  • 12th Grade American Judicial System
  • 12th Grade Broadway Musicals
  • 12th Grade World Languages
  • 12th Grade College Majors
  • 12th Grade College Life
  • 12th Grade Human Brain
  • 12th Grade Our Solar System
  • 12th Grade Shakespearean Characters
  • 12th Grade Famous Artists
  • 12th Grade World Capitals (I and II)


Users can also create their own puzzles.

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