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Accessible GPS Devices and Apps

Trekker Breeze

TSBVI Outreach Orientation and Mobility Consultant, Chris Tabb, has compiled a list of accessible GPS Devices.  Devices may either be multifunction such as the BrailleNote and Braille Sense devices that are closer to a personal digital assistant or laptop without a screen, or they may be stand alone GPS devices such as the Trekker Breeze+.

Sections of the Live Binder include:

  • Accessible GPS Devices
  • GPS Device Learning Guides
  • Accessible GPS Apps for iOS
    • BlindSquare
    • Seeing Eye GPS
    • Ariadne GPS
  • Accessible GPS Apps for Androids
    • Nearby Explorer
    • NowNav
    • NotNav

Blindsquare iOS appNearbyExplorer



Accessible GPS devices and apps collage