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Comparing Braille Notetakers with iOS Devices

Collage of comparing iOS and Braille Notetakers

AppleVis posted a blog recently comparing braille notetakers with iOS devices.  Author mehgcap outlines the positive features of a BrailleNote Apex and iOS devices, as well as some of the drawbacks to each.  Key points:

Braille Notetakers:

  • able to perform wide range of functions, such as accepting Nemeth
  • more compact and portable than the multiple devices and cables needed to use an iOS device
  • software excels at what it is intended to do
  • longer-lasting batteries
  • support a wide range of printers
  • full braille integration
  • easier for those who are learning braille
  • easier to navigate


iOS Devices:

  • modular components
  • less expensive than braille notetakers
  • wider range of apps
  • easier to collaborate with others
  • good for those who already know braille
  • mainstream support and marketing
  • more advances hardware


In conclusion, each has its advantages and there are certain tasks or situations when one is preferable to the other.