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Cortana for Windows 10

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Cortana is Microsoft's offering for Windows similar to Apple's Siri, Google's Google Now. and Amazon's Alexa. It is a personal assistant which works better for you as it collects personal data. Therein lies a possible reason for not using Cortana. Listed are websites documenting the useful things Cortana will provide you and then some websites describing the reasons you might not want to use Cortana. These websites will educate you on Cortana, why you might want to use it and why you might not.
Cortana helps you with everything from launching applications to scheduling appointments. It can also change some system settings, such as screen brightness and WiFi settings.

Websites detailing the usefulness of Cortana


Website detailing the warnings and shortcomings of Windows Cortana



While Cortana does collect personal data, you might still want to use it with your student. It is just best to know all of the benefits and drawbacks. There are many websites that instruct you how to disable Cortana and not let it collect personal data. While personal data gathering is problematic, I personally have given up on privacy in many instances. Your call.
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