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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Free Android Apps for Children with Visual Impairments

Visus 6 Lightbox
Just to help visually impaired young children, I developed a new App as a possible replacement for the common (bulky) light boxes. The (Android) App is free, without any permissions or commercial content and available in the Google Play Store.
Regards, Ruud Vinju
Editors Note:  More apps from this developer are available here: 
All of these apps are specifically designed for children with visual impairments and use good contrast.  They work on eye-hand coordination, finger strength, visual tracking, and other fine motor & cognitive skills. These apps may be appropriate for many children with CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment).
These include:
  1. Puzzle for Children Who Are Visually Impaired 
  2. Images to Wipe and Watch
  3. Follow Me Visual Tracking Exercises 
  4. Drawing with Young Children with Visual Impairment
  5. Follow-N-Tap for Visual Motor Skills
  6. Light Box for Children with CVI and Other Types of Visual Impairment
The developer is interested in any feedback from those of you who try these.  Feel free to share any ideas for new apps as well!
Visus 1 | Puzzle    Visus 2 | Wipe & Watch    Visus 3 | Follow Me
Visus 4 | Draw    Visus 5 | Follow-n-Tap   Visus 6 | Lightbox
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