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iBrailler App


iBrailler is an app (application) that works on iPads and iPad minis to turn them into a braillewriter.  It allows you to turn your touchscreen device into a braillewriter to create, edit, and share notes.  BRF files can be imported to iBrailler Notes. You can export your notes as either BRF or plain text.

iBrailler Notes supports English Braille Grade 1 (uncontracted), English Braille Grade 2 (contracted), and Six-Dot Computer Braille. In-test versions of British Braille Grades 1 and 2 are also available. You can also use your own custom braille standard, following guidelines in the help section of the App. More braille standards will be added soon. 
It can be downloaded for free from iTunes:, although there is a fee to unlock all of its features.
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Love the navigation features of this app

Posted by Michael

I love the navigation features of this app.

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Michael commented on February 13, 2015

I love the navigation features of this app.