Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Including ALL Students in Transition from Paper Classroom to Digital Classroom

Ed Summers

Canada in Perspective, Season 4, Episode 17:  Going to School

This 25-minute video examines the question of how integrated schools should be in order to provide the best education for children of ALL abilities.  Includes interview discussing inclusion versus special school for students with visual impairments.

Ed Summers discusses the use of tablet computers as an alternative teaching method for students with visual impairment. (Jump to 19:42 for this section.)  He explains the importance of training teachers of the visually impaired to be comfortable with technology, so that they will feel prepared to teach this technology to their students.  Summers describes the impact of the training that he has done for more than 500 TVIs in increasing the confidence of their students to do all of the same things as the other students in a mainstream classroom setting, such as emailing others in the class, accessing assignments via DropBox and more.  He notes that if students with visual impairments can't access the same things as their sighted peers, they will fall behind.

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