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"Introducing Braille" iBook from Blogger Laurie Hudson

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"Introducing Braille," by blogger Laurie Hudson, just became available as a download for $9.99 from the iTunes Store! With vibrant photographs and 14 linked video clips of actual instruction, this iBook is an innovative and upbeat guide to teaching early braille literacy. Also the author of "Classroom Collaboration," Dr. Hudson wrote Introducing Braille "to encourage and guide teachers and families as they usher young students into the exciting world of braille literacy."  She writes that, "It is created for those children in the transitional phase, those who have already experienced the very earliest braille literacy events like forming basic concepts/vocabulary and exploring rhyming words …… but who are not yet participating in formal braille instruction, which generally begins in Kindergarten or first grade. The focus of this iBook is to help children to become excited about reading and writing braille and to be curious and confident as they explore it. It is to introduce children to why we read and write braille, and to how reading and writing are integrated. Lastly, the focus is to begin to teach children to form their first letters, to recognize some letters and perhaps some favorite words, and to start to build speed and stamina in the process. Typically, these skills develop during the late preschool and early Kindergarten years, but teachers of older students with additional disabilities may also find ideas and strategies here to structure and enrich their braille lessons." 

For more on this topic, click here see other posts by Laurie Hudson.  She also shared some of her ideas with us on Teaching Braille to Young Children.


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Introducing Braille iBook available in Australia iTunes Store.

Posted by Carly.Turnbull1

Hi! I would love to buy a copy of this iBook but it is not yet available for purchase in the Australian iTunes Store. Is it available anywhere else?

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Charlotte@Perkins commented on September 2, 2014

A number of you have written to ask whether or not the "Introducing Braille" iBook is available outside of the United States. We are happy to report that it is now available on iTunes internationally.  

Please let us know if you have difficulty finding it on iTunes in your country.

Charlotte@Perkins commented on August 18, 2014

Thak you for your interest in the iBook!  Right now it is only available through the American iTunes store, but we are working to make it available internationally.  Check back later and we will be sure to make an announcement about it when it is available in Australia and other parts of the world.

Carly.Turnbull1 commented on August 15, 2014

Hi! I would love to buy a copy of this iBook but it is not yet available for purchase in the Australian iTunes Store. Is it available anywhere else?