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Perkinput App

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Perkinput is a new free application (app) from Mobile Accessibility that lets you enter text to an iPad or iPhone without using a keyboard. Perkinput is based on the braille keyboard, where you simultaneously press down with the fingers that correspond to the dots for the letter you want to enter. Unlike the braille keyboard, however, you enter text with just one hand. You tap the screen twice to enter one letter instead of pressing down with two hands at once. After you enter something in the Perkinput app, you can send that text in an email, a text message, or simply copy the text and paste it in any other application.

AppleVis offers a podcast with Antonio Guimaraes, in which he gives us a quick demonstration of Perkinput.

We would be interested to hear from any of you who have tried this app and whether or not you have found it to be valuable.