Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Technology Supports for Struggling Readers

Photo of two hands reading braille book.

Technology Supports for Struggling Readers from the Assistive Technology in Texas Schools Series is a 35-page training module that addresses the five research based components of effective reading programs: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension as identified by the No Child Left Behind Reading First Initiative and Put Reading First: The Research Building Blocks for Teaching Children to Read. The Technology Links for Reading Instruction is a supplementary chart that breaks each component into skill areas and links technology to each of the skill areas to support the development of reading ability. The document is provided as a resource tool for professionals, students and parents working with technology to support reading needs. The tools and strategies provided are not intended to be an exhaustive list, but more a resource that provides examples of low-tech materials and software to use to supplement learning. The project leadership believes that the free exchange of information does not necessarily involve endorsement of that information, the websites, links, products, or services contained therein.

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