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Tips for Making Computers & iPads Switch-Accessible

Blue2 bluetooth switch with iPad
Below are a few of my favorite recommendations for making computers and iPads switch-accessible:

1. Switch Interface

Switch Interface
A switch interface students to use switches with computers, for the purpose of activating cause & effect software, or advancing slides on a PowerPoint presentation with pictures/sound/other stimuli.   

2. Bluetooth Switch

Bluetooth switchA bluetooth switch connects to iOs devices via Bluetooth, allowing students to use some iPad applications via switch activation.

3. SEN Switcher

SEN SwitcherSEN Switcher is a free cause & effect program online, with multiple levels and customization options. 

4. Switch-accessible iPad Apps

Jane Farrell iconClick here for a list maintained by Jane Farrall of which iPad apps are indeed switch accessible:
Tips for making computers and iPads switch accessible