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Charlotte Cushman

Charlotte Cushman

I am the manager of the Paths to Literacy website.

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Read-Aloud Accommodations and the Common Core News 03/26/2014
Methodology of teaching braille Dear Paths Post 03/18/2014
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Screen Readers Don't Always Read What's On The Screen Technology 03/05/2014
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Amazing Magic Tricks! Resources 02/28/2014
Results of Screen Reader Survey Research 02/27/2014
Accessible Image Sample Book Resources 02/27/2014
Settlement Will Make K-12 Assessments Accessible to Students Who Are Blind News 02/25/2014
Free Tactile Teaching Aids! Resources 02/20/2014
Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation News 02/20/2014
StoryKit App Technology 02/19/2014
Wikki Stix Resources 02/16/2014
Braille Printer Made Out of Legos News 02/15/2014
Les Doigts Qui Rêvent (Dreaming Fingers) Tactile Books Resources 02/01/2014
Ray Bakes Cookies Resources 02/01/2014
Celebrate Valentine's Day! Resources 01/24/2014
Issues in Standardized Testing for Students Who Are Blind Resources 01/24/2014
Connections to the CCSS for Literacy and Math in Science and Technical Subjects Resources 01/23/2014
Monthly Tactile Calendars Resources 01/20/2014
Study Reveals That Children with Autism May Have Difficulties Matching Sight and Sound Research 01/19/2014
Window-Eyes Screen Reader Now Free! Resources 01/17/2014
Tips and Best Practices for Creating Tactile Graphics Resources 01/15/2014
Free Braille Books! Resources 01/14/2014
BrlChat Resources 01/13/2014
SAL2 Mangold Braille Reading Program Resources 01/13/2014
A Brief Overview of Unified English Braille Resources 01/09/2014
Developers of Tactile Graphics Guidelines Win Award News 01/08/2014
Happy Birthday, Louis Braille! Resources 01/03/2014
Apps to Help You Get Started with a New iOS Device Technology 01/02/2014
Poems for Katie: Reflections from the mother of a child with a disability Resources 01/01/2014
App for Free Audio Books through Audiobooks HQ Technology 12/30/2013
Tactile Sign for Children Who Are Deafblind Resources 12/30/2013
Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: Braille Files Resources 12/29/2013
Two Pigs Sleeping: An Experience Book from China Resources 12/28/2013
Pre-Literacy Activities to Try at Home Resources 12/23/2013
Specialized Education Services for Students with Visual Impairment Resources 12/23/2013
Microsoft Launches New Association for Accessibility Professionals News 12/22/2013
DAISY Consortium Releases Obi 3.0 News 12/22/2013
Gerald McBoing Boing is December 2013 Book Club Selection Resources 12/10/2013
Dr. Cay Holbrook Shares Thoughts on "Us" and "Them" Becoming "We" Resources 12/08/2013
Resources for Accessible Nutrition Education Resources 12/05/2013
Learn more about Hadley's Online Course on Braille and Your Baby or Toddler Resources 12/04/2013
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