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Charlotte Cushman

Charlotte Cushman

I am the manager of the Paths to Literacy website.

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Assessing Writing Software Tools for People with Vision Impairment, Learning Disability, and/or Low Literacy Research 04/01/2012
Toward Positive Literacy Outcomes for Students with Significant Developmental Disabilities Research 04/01/2012
The Role of the TVI in Literacy Instruction for Students who are Deafblind Research 04/01/2012
The NCDB Outcomes and Performance Indicators: Literacy Research 04/01/2012
Augmentative/Alternative Communication Intervention Resources 04/01/2012
Literacy, National Consortium on Deafblindness Resources 04/01/2012
Language and Literacy for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Resources 04/01/2012
Deaf-Blind Model Classroom Resources Resources 04/01/2012
Teaching Literacy to Students with Significant Disabilities: Strategies for the K-12 Inclusive Classroom Resources 04/01/2012
Instruction of Keyboarding Skills: A Whole Language Approach to Teaching Functional Literacy Skills to Students who are Blind and Have Additional Disabilities Research 04/01/2012
Low Vision Meta-Analysis Research 03/31/2012
Low Vision Affects the Reading Process Quantitatively But Not Qualitatively Research 03/31/2012
Literacy Skills of Children with Low Vision Research 03/31/2012
Literacy and Australians with Low Vision Research 03/31/2012
Framework for Developing Evidence-Based Early Literacy Learning Practices Research 03/31/2012
Developing Early Literacy: Report of the National Early Literacy Panel Research 03/31/2012
Low Vision Technology Assessment Technology 03/28/2012
Assistive Technology Assessment Summary Technology 03/28/2012
Could Specific Braille Reading Difficulties Result from Developmental Dyslexia? Research 03/28/2012
Inexpensive Assistive Technology for Struggling Readers Technology 03/28/2012
Technology Supports for Struggling Readers Technology 03/28/2012
How Far We’ve Come...Braille Materials for the Wilson Reading System Are On The Way! Strategies 03/28/2012
Functional Vision and Learning Media Assessment Podcast Strategies 03/28/2012
Parents Learning Braille=Literacy For A Child Strategies 03/28/2012
A Survey on Literacy Instruction for Students with Multiple Disabilities Research 03/28/2012
Tactile and Object Exploration Among Young Children with Visual Impairments Research 03/28/2012
Early Learning: Resources to Improve Early Literacy Practices Resources 03/28/2012
ECTA: Early Childhood Technical Assistance Resources 03/28/2012
Early Language & Literacy Resources 03/28/2012
Center for Early Literacy Learning Resources 03/28/2012
The GumDrop iPad Case Technology 03/28/2012
Cay Holbrook's Advice on Literacy Skills Resources 03/28/2012
Tools for Literacy Resources 03/28/2012
Storynory: Free Audio Stories Resources 03/26/2012
Digital Image and Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials Technology 03/26/2012
Technology for Students with Multiple Disabilities Basic page 03/25/2012
Adaptive Equipment to Promote Literacy Technology 03/24/2012
Sources of Large Print Materials Basic page 03/24/2012
Technology for Students with Low Vision Basic page 03/23/2012
Tools for Handwriting and Print Basic page 03/23/2012
Technology and Emergent Literacy Basic page 03/22/2012
Tools for Writing Braille Basic page 03/22/2012
Writing for Students with Multiple Disabilities or Deafblindness Basic page 03/22/2012
Oral Strategies for Writing Basic page 03/20/2012
Overview of the Writing Process Basic page 03/20/2012
Emergent Writing Basic page 03/20/2012
Assistive Technology and Listening Basic page 03/19/2012
Definition of Emergent Literacy Forum topic 03/19/2012
Need ideas for braille reversals Forum topic 03/19/2012
Technology for Braille Readers Basic page 03/18/2012
Brailler Repair Basic page 03/18/2012
Production of Braille Basic page 03/18/2012
Sources of Print/Braille Books Basic page 03/17/2012
Promising Practices for Transcribing Early Literacy Textbooks Basic page 03/17/2012
Tactile Experience Books Basic page 03/17/2012
Suggested List of Story Boxes for Young Children Basic page 03/17/2012
Making a Story Box Basic page 03/17/2012
LMA Forms 8-11 Basic page 03/17/2012
Form 7: Literacy Tools Inventory Basic page 03/17/2012
Form 6: Continuing Assessment of Literacy Media Basic page 03/17/2012