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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Charlotte Cushman

Charlotte Cushman

I am the manager of Paths to Literacy and the Active Learning Space websites.

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National CVI Advocacy Teleseminar Event 03/05/2018
Association of the Type of Toy Used During Play With the Quantity and Quality of Parent-Infant Communication Research 03/04/2018
Peanut of Blind Faith Farm Resources 03/01/2018
YouDescribe Audio Description Tool Technology 02/22/2018
Study Confirms Importance of Communicative Exchange Research 02/20/2018
Braille Teaching and Literacy: A Report for the European Blind Union and European Commission Research 02/15/2018
CVI Survey for TVIs News 02/15/2018
Vision After Hemispherectomy, TPO Disconnection, and Occipital Lobectomy: An Introductory Guide Resources 02/15/2018
Webinar: Low Vision Solutions for Computer (web-based) Tasks Resources 02/14/2018
ATIA 2019 Conference Event 02/13/2018
Using iPads to Increase Access for Students with Low Vision Resources 02/13/2018
American Conference on Pediatric Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) Event 02/12/2018
Spring into Braille Program Event 02/11/2018
World Sight Day Event 02/11/2018
White Cane Safety Day Event 02/11/2018
New Partnership Between APH and AFB News 02/09/2018
Texas Assistive Technology Network Statewide Conference Event 02/08/2018
M-Enabling Summit Event 02/08/2018
New Proposed Program from the University of Massachusetts Boston News 02/06/2018
Accessible Literacy for Early Readers: Students Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired or Deafblind Event 02/05/2018
Five Early Literacy Practices for Children with Low or No Vision Resources 02/05/2018
Texas AER 2018 Event 02/05/2018
World Teachers' Day Event 02/05/2018
National Braille Association Conference Event 02/03/2018
Save Your Favorites! News 02/02/2018
15th Biennial Canadian Vision Teachers Conference "Seeing Beyond the Horizon" Event 02/02/2018
Visual Impairment in Preschool Children in the United States Research 02/02/2018
Nominations for Braille Teacher of the Year Event 02/02/2018
Co-Creating Imaginative Stories Simplenews newsletter 01/30/2018
3D Printing: What's Realistic for TVIs? Event 01/26/2018
DBI Network of the Americas Conference Event 01/25/2018
Important Dates for Vision Awareness Resources 01/25/2018
Tactile Experiences for Learners with Visual Impairments Simplenews newsletter 01/23/2018
Growing Good Communicators: Empowering Students with Sensory and Multiple Disabilities Event 01/21/2018
Voice Dream Reader Technology 01/18/2018
Assessment of Braille Literacy Skills: UEB and EBAE Resources 01/17/2018
Recruiting Families for Research Study News 01/17/2018
Getting Started with Experience Books Simplenews newsletter 01/15/2018
Scholarship Available to College Students with Low Vision News 01/14/2018
Active Learning Conference Event 01/14/2018
Ducking into UEB Resources 01/11/2018
Setting Up Your Active Learning Classroom Event 01/08/2018
Task Analysis, 3D Printing, and More! Simplenews newsletter 01/08/2018
AFB Leadership Conference 2018 Event 01/08/2018
MIT's Fifth Sense Project News 01/08/2018
Education and Advocacy Summit Event 01/06/2018
Beginning with Braille Event 01/04/2018
An Alternate Path to Braille Literacy Event 01/04/2018
International Online O & M Symposium Event 01/04/2018
January Is Braille Literacy Month! Simplenews newsletter 01/02/2018
Laying the Foundation for Communication Exchange: Part 1 - How to Start Event 12/23/2017
Making the Most of the Holidays Simplenews newsletter 12/19/2017
Toddler Cane Survey News 12/19/2017
Christmas Designs to Emboss Strategies 12/13/2017
Creative Ideas for Making Inexpensive Materials Simplenews newsletter 12/12/2017
Do You Follow Us On Pinterest? News 12/11/2017
Introducing Nonfiction Conventions Simplenews newsletter 12/04/2017
AnimalWatch Vi Suite Now Available Through APH News 12/04/2017
The Role of the Intervener for Children Who Are Deafblind News 12/01/2017
Sadie Can Count Resources 12/01/2017