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The Hands and Reading: What Deafblind Adult Readers Tell Us

By Charlotte Cushman
Brain images of ocular VI and CVI

Cerebral vs. Ocular Visual Impairment: The Impact on Developmental Neuroplasticity

By Charlotte Cushman
Cover of Review Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Autism and Visual Impairment: A Review of the Literature

By Charlotte Cushman
A teacher in South Sudan writes a math problem on the blackboard.

Brain Activity and Math in People Who Are Blind

By Charlotte Cushman
child's hands reading braille

Improving Braille Reading Fluency: The Bridge to Comprehension

By Charlotte Cushman
Logo Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience

Case Study of Visual Deficits in CVI

By Charlotte Cushman
A young girl with glasses looks at an iPad

iPad Research Promising for Children with Cortical Visual Impairment

By Charlotte Cushman
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Results of WebAIM Screen Reader Survey #6

By Charlotte Cushman

Youth Share Their Experiences in a Research Study on Braille and Tactile Graphics

By Charlotte Cushman
a student manipulates the magnetic tiles

Linguistics Professor Creates Tactile Magnet Board

By Tmiller
wearable vision simulator

Immersive Simulation of Visual Impairments Using a Wearable See-through Display

By Charlotte Cushman
VBraille interface for Hangman

BraillePlay: Educational Smartphone Games for Children Who Are Blind

By Charlotte Cushman
Books from APH with tactile illustrations

Guide to Designing Tactile Illustrations for Children's Books

By Charlotte Cushman
Reading a tactile book

Research Synthesis of Tactile and Object Exploration

By Charlotte Cushman
Vibrating glove

Vibrating Glove May Help Users to Learn Braille

By Charlotte Cushman
Touching a 3-D representation in a book

Tactile Picture Books Project

By Charlotte Cushman
JVIB banner heading

Constant Time Delay and Braille Word Recognition

By Charlotte Cushman
Cover of Journal of Experimental Psychology

Young Children and Tactile Images

By Charlotte Cushman
TVIs AT proficiency

TVIs' AT Proficiency and Communities of Practice: Bridging tech innovations and classroom implementation

By @TVI_ting
Screen reader proficiency chart

Results of Screen Reader Survey

By Charlotte Cushman