A young boy wearing headphones with a Big Mac switch on the table in front of him.

Are you listening?

The Importance of Hearing Assessment 

Many conditions that cause visual impairment may also lead to hearing loss, and thus it is a good idea to check hearing regularly. Learn about different types of assessment, and what implications of even a mild hearing loss may be. Do you know what to ask your audiologist? Do you know how to interpret the speech banana? 

What’s that sound?

Developing listening skills

Students may need help to learn to listen efficiently. Listening is not the same as understanding. Look in this section for ideas for practice with auditory discrimination, identify and interpret sound cues for safe travel, and increase listening comprehension. Listening happens everywhere—do you know how to help families create successful listening environments at home? 

A young boy looks at his teacher’s face as his teacher signs to him.
A young girl listens using an assistive technology device.

Assistive Technology and Listening

Navigating text with technology

Many devices and software options are now providing access to text for students with visual impairment.  Each has strengths and unique capabilities that make them best for specific uses. Where can you find digital talking books? What are the options for software, apps, and devices that are accessible and provide voice output to students with visual impairments?

Tips to improve listening skills across grade levels

Listening skills develop over time, and our strategies change with student growth. Learn how you can help students develop listening skills that support them in keeping up with the demands of their coursework.