A boy with headphones uses a computer keyboard at a raised angle.

Responsive education

Respecting all cultures

There has been a dramatic shift in the cultural diversity of students, who now make up 51% of the nation’s public school population. However, the standard curriculum, instruction, customs and teacher force of America’s schools continue to reflect the dominant, European, middle class culture. What principles and practices can you infuse in instruction to make it more culturally responsive?


¿Habla alfabetización?

Teaching braille to Spanish-speaking students is often daunting for school staff. Bilingual education teachers don’t know braille. Teachers of students with visual impairment may not have experience in bilingual education nor Spanish proficiency. Luckily, uncontracted braille is very similar to Spanish braille, so skills transfer easily.  Do you want tips and strategies for these learners? 

A teenage boy reading a page of braille.
A girl reads a braille text.

Tips for Teaching 

Learning a new culture tactilely

Sometimes, students have life experiences that are so unique they challenge the creativity of their educational team.  Renee Ellis, teacher of students with visual impairments, shares how she approached teaching braille and other skills to a student with dual sensory impairment who recently arrived in the US from Syria. 

Consortium on Blindness and English Learners

Join a new Consortium on Blindness and English Learners to get up to date on the latest research, network with others in the field of blindness, and increase your skills for teaching these students effectively.