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UEB Practice Sentences

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Are you looking for ways to systematically teach braille students the contractions in Unified English Braille (UEB)?  If so, this book by Roberta Becker may be just what you're looking for.  UEB Practice Sentences provides comprehensive practice sentences for each braille contraction, set up in a sequential, easy-to-learn format. It also contains many of the more commonly used punctuation and symbols.


Features of the Book

  • This book is available in both print and braille editions. 
  • The braille version allows braille readers to check their own answers.
  • This book is available in a print Teacher’s Edition, a braille Teacher’s Edition, and a braille Student’s Answer Key. The braille Student’s Answer Key contains all of the sentences for students to use when proofreading. It omits the directions and explanations that are in the Teacher’s Edition, providing an easier to read book for new braille readers.
  • There are over 80 pages of print sentences, with matching pages in simulated braille.



  • All UEB contractions are included. 
  • The most common usages of ALL contractions and many common symbols are included. “Exceptions to the rules” have been omitted, allowing students to become secure with braille configurations and basic rules. 
  • The print edition contains over 80 pages of print sentences, and over 80 pages of matching simulated braille sentences
  • Also included are practice sentences for commonly used UEB symbols: punctuation, mathematical symbols, typeface indicators, and Internet addresses.
  • This book can be useful in writing IEP goals and objectives.
  • Internet Address lessons include actual working accessible websites. These can be used to write IEP goals for keyboarding, braillewriting, sentence writing, letter writing formats, and word processing skills using speech software and/or refreshable braille displays.

Organization of the Book:

  • The book progresses cumulatively through all of the various types of braille contractions.  
  • Contractions are presented one at a time (where possible) with sufficient repetition for mastery. In most cases there are 10-40 practice sentences for each contraction.
  • Sentences progress from simple to complex, making it easy to select appropriate exercises for individual students.
  • Some contractions (such as: and, for, of, the, with) can be used as either Wordsigns (formerly called "Whole word contractions") or Groupsigns (formerly called "Part word contractions"). Therefore, to facilitate learning, all Wordsigns and Groupsigns are introduced in separate lessons.
  • As shown in the photo below, the simulated braille sentences are found on the left side of each page, with the print on the facing right side.  This allows parents and aids to easily check classwork or homework assignments, even if they do not know braille.

Simulated braille appears on left side and print on right facing page.


A new addition to this set of books is that following a request from a TVI,  a hard-copy braille book with double spacing is now available, so that there is a blank space between each line of braille. This is currently only available in Lessons 1-7.


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International shipping and handling is available for $5.95.   Contact to inquire about pricing and special orders.

Collage of UEB Practice sentences


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Posted on August 6, 2018
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