Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired


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Tactile image of pig

Adapting Three Little Pigs for a Learner Who Is Deafblind

By Betty Braun | Comments: 1
The box cover for The Game of Things

Adapting The Game of Things for a Braille Student

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0
Orchestra seating chart

Student Mentor Learning to Create Tactile Graphics

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0
Matching braille letters on popsicle sticks

Adaptations for Adult Friend Who Is Deafblind

By Kelly Glass | Comments: 0
Stone soup with props and additional materials

Collaborative Unit Using 3-D Storybooks

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0
August record book

Accessible Record-Keeping Book

By Liamsmom | Comments: 0
Adapted Judy cards

Adapting Materials Found Around School

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 1
Picture of tri-fold board used as a word wall

“Can We Do Oreo Reading Now?” #3 Word Wall

By gillian703 | Comments: 0
Child wearing tactile vest

Make Your Own Tactile Vest

By Marjorie | Comments: 2
Playing lucky ladybug game

Family Game Time: Modified Ladybug Game

By Liamsmom | Comments: 2
Tactile American flag with braille

Tactile American Flag

By Liamsmom | Comments: 0
Grass caterpillar

Grass Sock Caterpillar: Incorporating Literacy Into a Science Project

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0
Gold sticker

Literacy Tips for Children with CVI: Searching for a Salient Feature

By Ellen Cadigan Mazel | Comments: 4
Configuration of dots

CVI in Practice: Strategies to Develop the Visual Spatial Relationship Related to Writing Letters

By Roxana Cziker | Comments: 0
Cover of joke book

Summer Reading Practice

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 1
Contractions collage

Contracted Braille Reading and Writing Activities

By John Chester | Comments: 7
Cover of Police Officer article

Silly Laws: Teachable Moments Using Critical Thinking and Writing Skills

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0
Editing symbols

Using Tactile Symbols to Edit Braille Documents

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 2
Tree with leaves

Adapting Images for Early Learners

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 6
Boy riding on a train

All Aboard! Experience Book About Trains

By Liamsmom | Comments: 1