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for students who are blind or visually impaired


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Below are strategies for all content areas.

Young girl with iPad on toddler-sized lap desk

DIY Toddler-Size Lap Desk

By Kelly Whitfield Bradley
Learn how to make your own toddler-size lap desk to support an iPad, light box, book or other toys and materials!
Summer Book of trip to Minnesota

Summer Trip Book: Creating an Accessible Journal Photo Book

By Liamsmom
Tips to create an accessible journal photo book about summer trips, family vacations or other special events, using braille with a printed photo book.
Short line and long line

Book of Opposites for Kindergarten Student in Egypt

By Nahla Ismael
This Book of Opposites was created by a parent in Egypt for her 6-year-old son, who is blind.
Refrigerator with braille and print farm schedules

Making Upcoming Events Accessible to All Members of the Family

By Sandy Kenrick
Make upcoming events accessible to all members of the family by posting the schedule in braille, as well as print.
Braille key to tactile materials and tactile map

Using Tactile Graphics to Create Design for Park

By Melanie Reid
A second grader who is blind creates a tactile design for a park in her inclusive classroom using a braille key for her tactile graphics.
A young boy waves a small American flag

Max's Flag Routine: Sensory Learning Routine

By Charlotte Cushman
Video of a sensory learning routine showing how a young child with multiple disabilities, including visual impairment, learns to reach, observe and imitate
student using braillewriter

Writing Prompts for Summer Journals

By Liz Eagan
Writing prompts for summer journals can help braille students maintain their skills during the summer holidays.
Title page of Learning JAWS by Rosa Mauer

Learning JAWS: Lessons and Review

By Rosa Mauer
These lessons focus on using keyboard shortcuts with JAWS, to review or enhance your current curriculum for students who are blind or visually impaired.
Book cover of Squint.  The word Squint appears behind a pair of glasses, and half of the word is blurry.  Small superhero stands on the letter Q.]

VI Book Club: Squint

By Stacey Chambers
Our book club for students who are blind or visually impaired read "Squint" by Shelley Brown. A 5th grade student with albinism shares his video review.
Images of coins on iPad

Making Worksheets More Accessible to Students with CVI

By Melissa McDermott
Use an iPad to make worksheets more accessible to students with cortical visual impairment (CVI) and multiple disabilities.
Hot Chocolate activity with Tactile Connections symbols

Hot Chocolate: A Tactile Connections Experience Story

By Regina Quaid
Experience story about hot chocolate uses tactile symbols from Tactile Connections Kit from APH to create stories by children w/ multiple disabilities
Cover of Bear Hunt in UEB

Take Home Story Kit

By Melissa McDermott
Take Home Story Kits enable students to create tactile or braille books that they can take home to share with their families to promote braille literacy.
Braillewriter and What's Gnu game

Adapting What's Gnu for Beginning Braille Readers

By Liamsmom
What's Gnu? is an easy game to adapt for beginning braille readers, which can be fun to play at home with sighted siblings or in an inclusive classroom.
Bio-Poem on bulletin board

Future Occupation Bio-Poem

By Liz Eagan
This Future Occupation Bio-Poem is a fun writing activity that promotes career exploration, as well as braille literacy skills.
Cover of Hearts book

Preschool Valentines Book for Children with CVI

By Ellen Cadigan Mazel
This tactile book uses different textures on each red heart to create an accessible book for children with cortical visual impairment
Banana in a baggie with print and braille label

Tangible Valentine Cards

By Paths to Literacy
Activity ideas for making tangible valentines with children who are blind or visually impaired, including those with deafblindness or multiple disabilities
Touch Math cards with numbers 1-4

Touch Math Cards

By snyderd
I made these Touch Math cars for elementary students with visual impairments and additional disabilities to teach numbers and counting.
Two hands with push pins on Battleship grid

Adapting Battleship Game for Braille Users

By Beth Borysewicz
Tips to adapt and modify the game of “Battleship” for children who are blind or visually impaired using braille and tactile symbols.
Gwyn with materials from Marvin's market adventure

Marvin's Market Adventure: Interactive Book

By gwyn52
This interactive book uses a theme-based approach to bring literacy to life for children who are blind or visually impaired or with multiple disabilities.
Cover of Christmas Word Search book with tactile Christmas tree

Christmas Word Find Book

By Liamsmom
Get in the holiday spirit by inviting braille students to look for words related to Christmas, Hannukah, or other special themes or events.