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for students who are blind or visually impaired

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Braille baseball game

Braille Baseball for Dual Media Learners

By Samantha Zauner | Comments: 0
Teacher appreciation

Operation Teacher (and Nurse!) Appreciation

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0
Yellow bird cartoon figure

Canary Yellow Is The New Black

By Kristie Smith | Comments: 0
paper in Perkins brailler, scribbled braille interlined with large print words which reads, once upon a time there was a castle. One day a monster came

Braille is Reading and Writing: Language Experience

By jesmcdowellTVIOandM | Comments: 0
Braille peg slate

Using a Peg Slate to Practice Braille Skills

By Liamsmom | Comments: 0
Page of tactile book of There Was An Old Lady

Making "There Was an Old Lady" Accessible

By Pamela Cox | Comments: 0
Braille Mother's Day Coupon

Mother's Day Coupons

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0
Picture symbols for Ferdinand the Bull

Making Ferdinand the Bull Accessible

By Stacy Hazelwood | Comments: 0
Hand exploring items on texture tray

Texture Trays

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0
Story box items for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Ideas for Sharing "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" with Children Who Are Visually Impaired

By breynolds | Comments: 1
Bear Hunt made accessible

"We're Going On a Bear Hunt": Accessible Ideas for Children with Multiple Disabilities

By flowers3952 | Comments: 0
Bear and Hare book with picture symbol of fish

Adapting Bear and Hare Go Fishing for Children with Visual Impairments, Including CVI

By bswi222 | Comments: 0
Boy using hundreds chart to count by tens

Tactile Hundreds Chart with Braille

By Liamsmom | Comments: 0
Braille writing song

Braille Writing Song

By tracylee2681 | Comments: 3
Corduroy full storybox

Making "Corduroy" Accessible to Readers with Visual Impairments

By phalstead | Comments: 0
Story box for "Are You My Mother?"

Adapting "Are You My Mother?" for Children with Multiple Disabilities

By mistyepperson | Comments: 1
Story Box for "If You Take a Mouse to School"

Adapting "If You Take a Mouse to School" for a Student with CVI

By KGarffie | Comments: 0
Alice the Fairy Story Box

Making "Alice the Fairy" Accessible

By Terrie Brown | Comments: 0
Polar bear book with tactile symbols

Braille and Tactile Book Adaptions

By kathrynking | Comments: 0
Pipe cleaner wrapped around finger

Teaching Finger Isolation to Braille Students with Additional Disabilities

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 1