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Braille Design: Dreidel!

braille design: dreidel
We hope you'll enjoy these Hanukkah themed braille design of Dreidels! One dreidel is blank and one has Hebrew markings on it. Click on the image to open the directions of how to create it in braille. This is a fun project for braille users!
dreidel braille designdreidel with markingsbraille design
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dreidel braille collage



paper size

Posted by Maureen Lewicki

Edith, I LOVE these designs! I wish I could find oaktag in different colors, 11 by 11 so I could vary the paper I use for them. I used the Star of David on blue oaktag but ran out of paper before I was finished with the pattern!

Large Paper

Posted by dotwriter

Sometimes you can find the bigger paper (11X11) in the scrapbooking section. They are usually much bigger and stiffer that the regular paper.

Large paper

Posted by Maureen Lewicki

awesome!!!!!! I am off to Walmart!!!!!!