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Braille Note Taker Curriculum

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Assistive Technology Specialists Stephanie Herlich and Yurika Vu from California School for the Blind have developed a curriculum for the Braille Note, with lesson plans and "how to" guides.  They have included both the google doc format and a Word format for downloading. The "lesson plans" include Common Core and ECC Standards. Within the lessons are all of the "how to" documents needed. In the near future they will have both Braille Note Apex documents and parallel Braille Sense documents.  The curriculum is in process and they are continually adding more.   The list below is a partial table of contents, but it will be worth checking back again to see what else has been added.  Stephanie and Yurika also ask people to let them know if any errors are found.

Braille Note Taker Lesson Plans and How to Guides

  1. Braille Note Apex -- "How-To" Documents

  • Attachments with keymail
  • Basic BrailleNote Navigation
  • BrailleNote as Display
  • Connecting to a visual display
  • Converting File Format
  • Creating a KeyWord document
  • Creating a New Folder
  • Creating and Managing Contacts
  • Downloading Bookshare Books
  • File Management
  • Finding a MAC address
  • Formatting
  • General Settings and Reset
  • Gmail on the Internet
  • KeyMail send and receive
  • KeyMail set-up
  • Keysoft Update
  • Opening a KeyWord document
  • Printing & embossing
  • Spell Check
  • Transferring files to or from external drive
  • visual display-VCN
  • Wireless connection


  1. Braille Note Apex -- "How-To" Videos

  • File Management
  • Additional videos coming soon!


  1. Braille Note Apex Lesson Plans

  • Creating a journal
  • Effective email communication
  • How to download and manage books (Bookshare)
  • Planning a Party/Event


Braille Sense coming soon!

They have generously agreed to share the files they have created on Google Drive:
Collage of curriculum for braille note taker




When will curriculum for Braille Sense U2 be ready?

Posted by Linda W

When will curriculum for Braille Sense U2 be ready?
Thank you.

Braille Sense

Posted by Yurika Vu

Hello Linda,

You can find the BrailleSense curriculum here:


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