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Osmo Braille Game

Osmo braille game

Osmo is a game system that uses an iPad to engage in physical play.  An image is shown on the screen and the player engages by creating words, numbers, Tangrams, etc.  A whole range of games is available.

Bryan Moles has created a way for the Osmo game (specifically the Words application) to be used for our dual media students learning braille. He has created the following albums:

  • Braille Letter ID A-Z
  • Dot 4 5 initial contractions
  • Final letter contractions
  • Alphabet Contractions A-Z
  • Braille Word Signs

I have created:

  • Strong Group Signs
  • Lower Group signs/Words
  • Braille Shortform A Words 
  • Dot 5 Contractions
  • 4-6, 5-6 Contractions
  • 4-6, 4-5-6 Contractions
  • Shortform B Words
  • Shortform Words P1
  • Shortform Words P2
  • Shortform Words P3
  • EBAE Retired Symbols

Osmo braille game

These are all able to be downloaded from the Osmo website once you have an account.

Osmo braille games


Getting Started

To get started, you will need the following:

  • an iPad
  • The student or teacher would need an Osmo set.  The starter "Genius kit" is about $79.99
The Osmo set comes with the tiles you put in front of the iPad to spell the contraction, as demonstrated in the videos below. 

The instructions are roughly the same across all Osmo Word sets. As you get into the app, there are some choices for how to play (collaboratively, one on one, etc.)

It isn't particularly accessible with VoiceOver, as this is really for students with low vision and other dual media students. 

I foresee us making even more albums, especially since our students have loved this game and it is a nice addition to support our curriculum. 


Osmo collage


Braille Osmo users

Posted by Susan Calderwood

I would like to have access to the Osmo braille games. I have set up an acccount with Osmo. I cannot find the game on their site. I posted something on their forum and they sent me back to this email address.
Please help. Thank you

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