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Tactile beach picture
By Lisa Pruner | Comments: 0
A critical component of early literacy is having something meaningful and interesting to talk, read or write about.  All children build vocabulary through experiences - be they real life experiences, stories and pictures in books, or videos/television...

Tactile map of cities
By Liamsmom | Comments: 0
I have two boys.  My oldest is 7 years old, deafblind, and an early braille reader.  My youngest is 4 years old and has typical vision and hearing.  We recently went on a road trip to visit family out of state.  Planning for the trip...

Caterpillar and strawberry Images on black background
By Tracy Fitch | Comments: 1
Introduction: For my Cortical Visual Impairment mentor training we were assigned to adapt a book for all three phases of CVI. I chose The Very Hungry Caterpillar because I have several classes reading this book through the end of the school year. I...

Portable communication choice board
By gwyn52 | Comments: 1
Are you a teacher of students with visual impairments thinking about what belongs in your "toolbox" for the new school year?  Or perhaps you're a parent wondering what materials to use during the summer holidays with your child who is blind...

Happy Birthday page
By Liamsmom | Comments: 6
My son Liam just turned 7 and we celebrated his birthday at our home with family and friends from school. Liam happens to be deafblind and attends first grade in a mainstream setting.  I wanted Liam's birthday party to be accessible and include...

Girl with her hand in a tub of water
By ScarlettsEyes | Comments: 2
As I have discussed previously in other blog posts my daughter Scarlett is a massive lover of music.  My mini maestro is literally music mad and, although it is great to see such a burning passion in that area, it is also very important to develop a...

Girl using Ballyland
By Kristie Smith | Comments: 2
A few months ago, our vision department changed our student caseload and I was blessed to be given a bright, funny young student who has become a dual learner.  Enter my new first grade student who carries a small red and white cane, but who...

Police Literacy Skills Kit
By catherinesumm | Comments: 0
By Lisa Pruner and Catherine Summ Education Consultants, CT DORS- Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind   Overview: Officer Buckle and Gloria share everyday safety tips in ways which are engaging and funny for young...

Here are my hands for catching and throwing
By Holly Cooper | Comments: 2
By Holly Cooper, Ph.D., Early Childhood Specialist, Texas Deafblind Project, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired    Approaches to Literacy Experiences for Infants When should braille be introduced in books?...

Hands reading braille fork label on silverware drawer
By Liamsmom | Comments: 1
My son Liam is 6 years old (almost 7!!) and he is deafblind.  He enjoys helping me around the house.  One of his chores is to unload the dishwasher (see Accessible Job Chart for the Home).  When he first started helping with this, he...

Shoppers in a mall
By JennieO | Comments: 2
What can you do with your students who are visually impaired in the middle of winter in the state of Maine (or anywhere else)? Mountain biking? I don’t think so! High cliff diving? Not a chance! Cross country skiing? Well yes, that of course, but...

Collaboration definition on dictionary page
By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0
Collaboration is a vital key to student success and we, as teachers, need to collaborate with other team members for the student's benefit. This team is not limited to just the professionals on the school campus, but the parents are essential team...

UEB and Math collage
By cyralm | Comments: 11
The roll out of a new braille code known as the Unified English Braille code has caused a welcome resurgence in interest and training in braille for educators. There is a lot of excitement as we master the new rules and learn about these changes. This...

Two children using tactile sign language
By Liamsmom | Comments: 5
My son Liam has a good friend from school named Bella. They are in the same first grade class, where Liam is fully included. (Liam is deafblind and Bella has typical vision and hearing.)  We love it when she gets to come over to our house to play!...

traffic intersection with tactual models
By Chris Tabb | Comments: 2
The American Heritage Dictionary has two definitions for “literacy”. The first is, “The condition or quality of being literate, especially the ability to read and write.” The second definition is a bit more global, “The...

Finished braille snowman
By Edith West | Comments: 9
I have been encouraged to share some tips on creating Braille Art with a Perkins Brailler. These “Art” pieces help students by encouraging them to participate in holiday traditions throughout the year like other sighted students, while they...

Bucket of materials for Frozen activity
By gwyn52 | Comments: 0
Creating a holistic approach based on a theme or story enables children who are visually impaired to access and enjoy literacy and numeracy activities in a meaningful way.    The film "Frozen" has been tremendously popular...

Candy cane, pinecone, pine needles
By Jbrown | Comments: 0
Students benefit from participating in a wide variety of different experiences.  When they engage in an “experience” they are immersed in a rich learning environment.  Students can have experiences within the classroom, outside, on a...

Sentence strips using standardized symbols
By Linda Hagood | Comments: 35
Introduction to Standard Tactile Symbols The Developmental Model Standardization: Moving from Concrete Tangible Symbols to More Abstract Tactile Symbols The System is Sustained Continuum of Symbol Systems...

Tactile symbol system
By Megan Mogan | Comments: 2
Let’s start with the good news. You have emerging readers with Visual Impairment who have learned the meaning of tactile name symbols for people in their lives.  The bad news? You are considering crossing that skill off your list of “Things...