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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Braille Chart for Sighted Classmates Learning Braille Visually

Brailler with color-coded stars
In the classroom of one of my kindergarten students we did centers rotation with braille and cane activities. I made this color coding system so that when his classmates have the opportunity to braille (the teacher is all for it), they will be able to be more independent (and it will build on their kindergarten skills of seeing patterns and learning to read numbers).  The students will be making bookmarks with their names on them in print and braille.
I put color coded stars on the brailler and made a chart, so that kids can just use the colors to know how to make the letters.  I created two versions:  one with the dot numbers and one without.
I made the charts with an iPad pro, an Apple pencil, and the Good Notes app. Basically by writing over a braille chart online that I took a screen shot of, you can mask by writing with white ink and then draw and color as needed - so much fun!
Braille letters color code chart with numbers Chart of braille letters color coded without numbers

Collage of Braille Chart for Sighted Classmates


like the color coded braille

Posted by courtney lehman

like the color coded braille

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