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Activity and strategy

Adapting the Daily Job Chart for Full Inclusion

Daily job charts are part of many early childhood & elementary classrooms. These ideas make them accessible to children who are blind or visually impaired.

To allow for pre-readers with visual impairments to be included on all aspects of the daily job chart (independent choice, knowledge of the options and awareness of peer’s choices) I pair the object with the large print and brailled description.  I use items that go with the current them (right now we are doing a construction theme) and choose one to represent each child:  Mario = the hammer;  Eddie = the pliers; Kaity = the screw driver….etc.  The children put the item that represents them in the pocket under the descriptor/representative object.  This gives them exposure to the tools in the tool box as well as the daily jobs on the chart.  

  • Braille and print labels for each job
  • Objects that represent each job
  • A canvas or plastic shoe storage
  • Objects that relate to the classroom’s current them to represent each child
  • Hot glue


Glue the object that represents each job on the outside of the pocket.  Over the pocket place the braille/print label.  Choose objects that represent each child in the classroom according to the current theme.  (eg. tools, fruits/vegetables, shapes, farm animals, etc.)  Allow the children to retrieve their object from the tool box/basket and independently choose their job.  While exploring the job chart they are able to find out what their peers have chosen and can discuss their choices with them.

Pockets can be made to represent a schedule and the child can move his/her representative item from pocket to pocket as they go along their day.

job chart collage



January is Braille Literacy Month


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Activity and strategy

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