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Adapting Images for Early Learners

Ideas to adapt images using 3D images for students who do not yet know how to interpret tactile graphics

As TVIs we frequently adapt tests for our students. I was recently given a first grade end of year test to adapt. I reviewed each image, as part of this process. The page discussed in this post is about a tree. The question asks: “Which of the following pictures shows what a tree looks like in the spring time?”  This student isn’t fluent with tactile images yet. Therefore, I decided to make concept cards for each of the seasons of the tree (fall, winter, summer). The printed picture shows rain and snow, which I decided to omit from the concept card as the weather would be too much for the student to have to decipher. Each of the cards was presented to him and he was able to successfully identify the different images.

Test item of the tree
Test item with illustrations of a tree
Bare tree
Tactile illustration of bare tree without leaves
Tree with leaves
Tactile illustration of tree with leaves
Tree with leaves falling on ground
Tactile illustration of tree with leaves falling on ground

When adapting materials, you have to know your student. Know their strengths as well as their weaknesses. You have to adapt to those strengths, while keeping in mind their weaknesses. Working on their strengths aids the student in comprehending the material and gives them confidence in themselves.   This enables the student to become more independent, which is a goal we all strive for. 

Editor’s Note:  There are many resources available to learn more about creating tactile graphics.  See Tactile Graphics on this site.  A decision flowchart may also be helpful when deciding whether or not to create a tactile graphic.

Pinterest collage for adapting images

Activity and strategy

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